What Women Can Do About Slow Weight Loss

With regards to fat loss, males ordinarily have a lot less problem dropping weight than females. Understanding why this comes about can make weight loss for women and men less complicated. There are several reasons to explain this discrepancy in rate and ease of weight reduction between males and females, even of the same age and body weight.

Women Less Able to Control Food Cravings than Men.

Faced with their favorite foods, women are less able compared to adult men to suppress their hunger, a breakthrough that may help explain the increased weight problems for females.Scientists trying to comprehend the brain's mechanisms for controlling food intake conducted brain scans on hungry men and ladies. The brain scans showed significant variances in activation of hunger centers in women when compared with males. "There is something going on in the female," Dr Wang, the chief researcher said in a telephone interview, "the signal is so much different." Some scientists have felt the distinction could be in how men and women hormones work on hunger centers of the human brain.

Estrogen, is acknowledged to have an effect on appetite, eating and where the extra food eventually ends up on the body. Females have proportionately more body fat than men do possibly preparing them for pregnancy.

Adult men Have Faster Metabolic processes

Men have higher amounts of muscle mass than women. Its the amount of muscle tissue that is strongly establishes the rate of basal metabolic processes.This leads them to burn more calories even at sleep so the final result is a much more rapid weight reduction. On the average men beat the women in metabolism by more than 10% given the same height and weight. The problem is than many men weigh more than the normal women, so that already sets the numbers higher.

Males Are More Active

In a latest study it was found that men, on the average, burn 13% more calories than women. Part of this may be work related, while other parts are connected to sex disparities.

Ladies Are Exposed to More Foods:

This might be one of many secrets to clarify the main difference in response to diets between men and ladies. Women usually go shopping for the food, prepare the food and put the leftovers away.That ends up giving the women significantly significantly greater odds of making errors.

All of these issues add up to greater issues with weight control in females than adult men. All of this does not mean than women cannot lose pounds, it means they have to work a little more painful than males and steer clear of comparing their weight loss to the weight loss of the opposite sex.

By: Richard Lipman MD