The Opportunity Cost Of A Gym Membership

The smallest deed is greater than the best intentions. You can say about a lot of things. As it relates to fitness and as a former membership consultant for a new York City gym chain, I am astounded at the number of people who join the gym, but go as infrequently as one might visit their local bank rather than use the ATM. Here are a few things they could do to get a better return on their investment.

You could actually go to the gym. After all, you did join to go, right? Spending money on your health is the best investment you can make for yourself. In New York City, a gym membership can cost anywhere from $300- $2000, or more per year. It all depends on your needs and what you are willing to spend. However, there is no relation between spending more and going more. Some people just don't care what they spent. However, one thing is true in all instances, no matter what you spent the cost per visit goes down the more often you go.

Being that New York City is the financial capital of the world, some may find it a good idea to invest in a gym. With the concentration of financial minds in the Big Apple, while the intention is there to go to the gym, some may spend more time pouring over the financial statements of a gym, rather than using the equipment. As an investor, you may decide to buy some stock in a publicly traded fitness company or possibly be an angel investor for a local personal trainer to fulfill their dream of opening their own gym. By investing your money, that would have otherwise just gone to waste, you may see a financial return on your investment. Although, keep in mind, you have done nothing to improve your health.

Finally, you could get a personal trainer. Gyms in New York City are not cheap. It is hard to justify paying into the gym and not go. For the cost of your gym membership, you could end up getting a personal trainer NYC for anywhere from 5-12 sessions, depending on the cost of your annual gym membership. Given that many people may end up paying that amount per visit to the gym without the expertise of a NYC personal trainer alongside of them, this would make perfect sense. A personal trainer will make you accountable for at least those dozen or so sessions. Then again, you may even feel motivated to go the gym on your own after working with one.

Thus, if you are going to look for a way to throw away your gym membership funds, think of another alternative before it is all gone. Who knows, you may invest in a gym, get a free membership as part of the deal and maybe score a few personal training sessions from your benefactor. Enjoy your workout!

By: Jordan Glenn