The Gym Was Crowded To Start The Year I Hope It Stays This Way

It's like deja vu all over again. The familiar crowd of New Year's resolutionists hit the gym this week. So much optimism and renewed energy on the gym floor. It's exciting for many. The saddest part is that most people will be gone by mid-February leaving the regular crowd to its familiar surroundings. I, for one, wish the crowds would stay.

Many of the die-hards at the gym selfishly loathe the newbies who descend upon their hallowed fitness grounds like ants on a picnic blanket. But imagine, for a moment, where there are more people are waiting for a treadmill than are waiting to see a cardiologist. Imagine more people "working in" and sharing machines and less people stuffed into an overbooked physician's waiting room for an appointment that was supposed to start 45 minutes ago that they waited 6 weeks to get. (Think of the incredible 45-minute workout you could have done instead of a torturous waiting room episode surrounded by sick people.)

I wish those who start the New Year with high hopes for their health could come in with a tried and true plan for success. Many of these new members would benefit from the help of a personal trainers Manhattan. Whether it be an ongoing weekly appointment, or a short term limited run of sessions, personal trainers Manhattan can help put you on the path to reaching your fitness goals.

For those who are self-motivated and well versed in exercise terminology and have a clear understanding of what it takes, they may find success executing a workout plan from a magazine or book. Unfortunately, I've seen too many go this route who either weren't self motivated enough to stick with it or weren't focused enough to create their own plan. If you decide to read about, learn, and execute a plan, it's best to have a good base of knowledge to build. Picking up a book about exercise and trying to understand everything, for most people is like trying to learn web design from a book. It's overwhelming.

Wouldn't it be great if we saw an increase in the percent of people who exercise? It seems that for all the resolutions that are made, memberships that are sold, and exercise books and DVD's that are purchased, that number is virtually unchanged. Healthcare is only becoming more expensive. The government can't lower healthcare costs. The laws of supply and demand are being dictated by an overall otherwise, unhealthy society. Everyone has to realize that true healthcare reform starts with an individual reforming their own health.

By: Jordan Glenn