Membership Pricing

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Full Use              Initiation                                Monthly*

Individual                      $99                                                           $49.86

Couple                          $129                                                         $77.56

Family                           $129                                                         $91.41

Advantage Weight Loss

Add just $44.32/mo.

Advantage Kids

Add just $27.70/mo. (required for attended playroom use)

Pool Only **      Initiation                                Monthly*

Individual                     $79                                                         $40.63

Short Term

$219 (good up to 3 months)


Pricing does not include tax and is subject to change.  15% discount offered to Senior Citizens.

*  Monthly pricing assumes 1-year commitment and direct (EFT) payment from checking, savings or credit card account.  Other monthly pricing options include:


             $9.23                   coupon payment by check


             $9.23                   waive 1 year commitment per member


             $11.08                 monthly towel use per member


             $4.62                   monthly cube locker per locker


             $18.47                 monthly full size locker per locker

**  Certain restrictions apply to Pool Only Membership.  Please ask for details.