Equipping A Home Gym With Discount Gym Equipment

If you're on a health kick and have the urge to get fit but don't like the thought of handing over all that cash for an expensive gym membership when you don't know how long you're going to stick at it for, setting up a home gym could be your answer.

If you have room at home buying discount gym equipment is a great way to start your new fitness regime. One of the biggest benefits of having a home gym is that there is no reason not to go: using '˜bad weather' or '˜I don't have time' as an excuse just won't cut it! It's also a great way to get fit without feeling intimated by muscle bound weight lifters or Lycra clad gym bunnies wearing the latest designer exercise apparel. At home you can work out wearing your sloppy old sweatpants and that ancient Budweiser t-shirt with a hole under the armpit and no one will judge you.

So, you've made the decision and now you need to get started. First off, decide where you're going to work out. If you're lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, empty garage or even an attic that you can convert, then you'll be able to buy some discount gym equipment like a treadmill, rowing machine or exercise bike. Look for online discount websites or in your local paper's classified adverts for people selling equipment they no longer use. If you don't have much room go for small items that can be stored away when not in use and that you can work out with in front of the TV or even in the back yard. Dumbbells, resistance bands, Swiss balls and yoga mats are all cheap and easy to find '“ your local supermarket will probably even carry a range.

Once you've got your equipment sorted you'll need something to wear. Many regular clothes stores sell fitness apparel for women and men in a wide range of sizes, making it easy and accessible to find. Of course it's fine to just throw on some old clothes but by treating yourself to some proper exercise apparel you may find that it motivates you more when you have something nicer to wear. So if you're feeling that you need that extra motivational boost, or you're planning on running and need decent sneakers, you might want to look online at a site that specializes in fitness apparel for women to check out their ranges. Good luck!

By: Richard L