Donít Fear The Gym Embrace It

Every January, people are quick to plunk their credit card down and join a gym that is convenient to them without doing some research of the options available to them. I need to get in shape. I need to join a gym. It's the only way. While there maybe some truth to that statement, the gym will not solve all of your issues. Joining a gym can provide you with many of the tools for success for reaching your fitness goals, but you don't just walk into a gym and suddenly you are in shape. You need to have a plan from day one about what you are going to do when you get to the gym. Most people don't. They sign up, maybe buy some new sneakers and shorts, and nervously stroll into the gym devoid of any idea about what they should be doing and why. Sadly, this leads to a look of fear across their faces during the first few visits. But there is a way to avoid that fearful look and start off strong.

In a recent survey of New Year's Resolutions made for 2012, 41% said they wanted to lose weight this year. A second statistic tells us that 90% of all resolutions fail to be achieved. Accordingly, this means only four of the 41 people who proposed to lose weight in 2012 will reach their goal. For the resolutionist, being one of the other 37 should not be an acceptable outcome. Taking time to think about what it is you desire and figure out what other tools you will need to achieve it is a path to being one of the four. Or maybe even the fifth!

To this point, you've gotten your gym membership card. Have you chosen correctly? Will you use what the gym offers? Make sure the facilities address your needs, goals, and any special conditions you need to take into account. Next, decide what else you need along with the array of equipment. If you like exercising in a group, try group fitness classes. Select a class or two that you will try.

Being in membership sales, in the past, at a large New York City gym, I would often tell new members to use their first day to get on a bike or a treadmill. Use that 20 or 30 minutes to take note of where things are on the gym floor. This works well for those who are active and familiar with the equipment. However, for others who are joining a gym for the first time, they may need to take their introduction to the next level.

A more personal approach to your own fitness goals, would be to enlist the services of a NYC personal trainer. Many gyms will offer an introductory plan for new members. Such as a package deal for 10 or 20 personal training sessions. A 10-session package is a tremendous way to develop and learn the plan that can carry you to a victorious achievement. The personal attention from a fitness professional focused only on what you need is a very efficient and effective way to develop the plan spoken about in the beginning and to get rid of the fear that often comes with starting anew at your local gym.

By: Jordan Glenn