Avoid New Gym Fear

Every year at this time people are quick to plop down their credit cards and blindly join a gym that is convenient to them. The thought crept into their heads in December about getting in shape in the New Year. I have to get in shape. Joining a gym is the only way. While there is some truth to that statement, it is not entirely true. Joining a gym can provide you with many of the tools you need to be successful in reaching your fitness and wellness goals, but you cannot just join a gym and suddenly be in shape. (See all those people who carry around a gym membership card and joke how they never go.) You need to have a plan from day one about what you are going to do when you get to the gym. Most people do not. They sign up, maybe buy some new clothes, and nervously waltz into the gym absolutely clueless about what exercises they will be performing, in what order, and why. You can see it in their faces when they walk in, that deer in the headlights look. But there is a way to avoid that fearful look and start off strong.

In a recent survey on New Year’s Resolutions, 41% of those polled said they wanted to lose weight in the New Year. Another statistic says that over 90% of all resolutions fail to be achieved. That means that only four of the 41 people proposing to lose weight in 2012 will achieve it. As a resolutionist, being one of the other 37 should be an unacceptable outcome for you. Take some time to think about what it is you want and figure out what other tools you will need to achieve it.

You have already gotten the gym membership, per say. Did you join the right one? Will the equipment suffice for your needs? Make sure the facilities address your needs, goals, and any special conditions you need to take into account. Next, decide what else you need along with the equipment. If you like exercising in a group, be sure to look at the class schedule. Select a class or two that you might want to take. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

As a former membership consultant at a large New York City gym, I would often tell new members to use their first day to hop on a bike or a treadmill. Use that 20 or 30 minutes to take in the gym floor, familiarize themselves with the layout, and visualize their workouts moving from area to area. This works well for those who are active and familiar with gym equipment. However, for others who are less experienced or new they may need a higher level of familiarization with what the facility offers.

A very targeted approach to your own personal fitness goals, would be to get a NYC personal trainer. Many gyms will have an introductory plan for training or a package deal for 10 or 20 NYC personal training sessions. A 10-session package is a tremendous way to invest in your health, as well as your New Year’s fitness resolution. If on your first day in the gym, you know you will be meeting with your personal trainer NYC, you can walk into the gym motivated and confident for your first session. Prior to this session, you should have had a consultation with your trainer to talk about your goals and your health history. This will help insure that you hit the ground running towards achieving those goals. There will be no lollygagging on that first day. Just straight, focused exercise. That is what you want. That is what you signed up for in 2012. Don’t be afraid of the gym. Attack it with enthusiasm. Your goal of better health is within its walls. Now, empower yourself to achieve it.

By: Jordan Glenn