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A Look At Why It Pays To Buy Gym Weights Bar Set   by michael russell

in Health / Fitness    (submitted 2010-02-03)

For some people it may become necessary for them to purchase a gym weights bar set because such people are not well suited for working out at a gym. It could be because they are too busy to go to a gym or because they cannot afford the cost of using a gym and it can also be because they have other responsibilities to shoulder that prevent them from visiting a gym.

They may even need to purchase a gym weights bar set because the closest gym is too far from where they live and even because they do not like hanging around in a gym. Regardless of what your reasons for not using a gym you can still get the same kind of results at home ' provided you have the right workout equipment and tools.

The most suitable tools and equipment for working out in a home gym include a bench press that can be adjusted and you need suitable weight sets and in addition you need plates. Furthermore, it is important that you have sufficient space in your home for you to do your workouts.

If you are planning on using a basic setup you can make-do with a basic weight bench combo that is easy to buy from Sears and also from Wal-Mart and perhaps even from stores such as Improving Footsteps. The Gold Gym XRS 20 Bench is certainly a good option; in fact, for about one hundred and thirty dollars you can all the necessary equipment including adjustable bench and a squat station and some safety spotters.

When it comes to weight sets be sure not to go for the weights made from plastic which will not last for too long and they also tend to leak as well. If you have about one hundred and sixty dollars you should go for cast iron plates which though they are more expensive than plastic ones will nevertheless provide much more use and will last longer as well.

Sears and also Improving Footsteps are good sources for your cast iron sets and at most these will cost you about 60 US dollars. The important issue is to pick enough weights to help you affect steady increments and in this way get a better workout. You must also buy barbells, dumbbells and also collars.

A good multipurpose bench along with dumbbells and barbells and weight plates should be enough to help you work out and get the same results as you would normally expect from working out in a gym.